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A Jealous Scroller


I want to be happy for her, really I do, but as I scroll past her latest social media post a look of criticism spreads across my face. This week her children smile at me in their perfectly coordinated outfits with a beautiful oceanside view in the background. Last week I couldn’t contain my eye rolls as I scrolled through her son’s over-the top perfectly themed Birthday celebration complete with a homemade 3 layer cake.  

Logic tells me that anything can be made to look a certain way through a camera’s lens, but doubt forms and jealousy grows… just a small seed at first, but my collection of these seeds seems to be growing lately and I don’t like what it is building inside of me.  

Why is it so difficult to be happy for others? Why can’t I scroll past other Mom’s posts and celebrate their highs? Where did this ability come from to put on a fake smile and give a reaction that is anything but genuine? And why do I bother?....Because the Lord knows my heart, and so do I.  

A while back I came across Hebrews 3:13 and  felt a tug to make some changes in this area of my life. I was becoming a jealous scroller.

“But encourage one another daily, as long as it is called today, so that none of you may be hardened by sin’s deceitfulness.”  Hebrews 3:13

Was I being hardened by sin’s deceitfulness? Was I allowing myself to be tricked by giving into these jealous emotions on a daily basis? And how exactly was encouragement linked to this remedy? I decided to make some changes.  

First I began to pray specifically about this area of my life. I asked God to change my heart, to  give me the ability to look out instead of in, and to protect me from being tricked into a hardened heart. I not only asked Him but I thanked Him in advance for the change I was certain He would accomplish in me.  

Next I began to celebrate other’s joys by posting encouraging words on their social media posts. I was surprised that after a while, these words began to flow more naturally and freely.  

Lastly, I unfollowed the people who’s posts continued to bring negative emotions to the surface  as I realized it was my problem and not theirs. A strange part of me didn’t want to let go, certain I would miss something by not following them. Much to my surprise, this separation brought about the space that my soul desperately needed to heal.  

Over time, God has softened my heart in this area. He has renewed the ability in me to be genuinely happy for others and to celebrate with them. 

This freedom is not just for me, but for you too if my story sounds all too familiar.  Comparison and jealousy, whether on social media or in real life, can turn into an ugly thing if left unchecked. 

When you take steps towards allowing God to remake an area of your life you are choosing spiritual freedom. By recognizing and stepping away from sin’s deceitfulness your heart will be softened and from a former jealous scroller let me encourage you, it’s so worth it.   

Finding Freedom,


More of Nicki’s posts can be found at reallifeinreverse.blogspot.com.

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Thinking About Retirement

When you think of your retirement years, what comes to mind? Do you think, “I’ll finally have time to catch-up on those projects around the house I’ve been putting off for years?” Or maybe, “I’ll be able to travel and see places I’ve been dreaming about my whole life?”

All those plans are a worthwhile reward for someone who has worked hard as a wife, mother, and employee, but along with those plans consider Titus 2, which says that older women are to teach the younger women and set an example for them.

You may think that sounds like work, and it is, but nowhere in Scripture does it say that we are to retire from working for God’s Kingdom.

What then does this mean for women who are in or approaching retirement years? What does working for God look like in this stage of life?


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Why I Won’t Tell You to Avoid That Book

My daughter and I are reading The Book Thief. It’s a sweeping story of lives intertwined during a period of harsh book censorship in Nazi Germany.

Yesterday, glancing at the book sitting on my kitchen counter, I thought of the freedom of speech we enjoy here in modern America. And I thanked God for letting people like me write books and read books and generally explore any kind of literature or films or websites I want to.

Freedom is a beautiful thing.


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Connecting Women for Kingdom Impact

We all want to make a difference in this world, but sometimes we feel so small and insignificant. Here at AAC we want to encourage women that you were indeed created to make an impact.

I want to introduce you to Lori Loux: She is a wife, mother, daughter, friend, neighbor, and she attends AAC. Lori recently joined the AAC staff part time as an administrative assistant with Global Connections.


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“I am sorry,” the doctor stated, “we will not be able to do your daughter’s procedure this morning.”

I could feel tears begin to well in my eyes. I couldn’t hold them back. I had gotten up in the wee hours of the morning to arrive at the hospital. Elena desperately needed this procedure. In the past it had helped to prevent the pneumonias we were continually fighting back to back. I knew it would be a game changer for her.

What poured out of my mouth I am ashamed to say was not characteristic of a Christian woman and actually resembled an angry mamma bear.

I was expecting that things would go as planned.
I was expecting that my Elena would benefit from our scheduled procedure.
I was expecting that the long drive to and from Milwaukee would not be for nothing.

When we place our hope in the things of this world, we can often end up feeling frustrated and deceived when things do not go according to our expectation.

But as Christians we are called to place our hope and expectation in the Lord (Psalm 62:5) and in His many promises (Psalm 89:34).


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