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A Game of Hide and Seek


One Sunday morning in March, I was spending personal time in God's Word between services at Appleton Alliance. While I was reflecting on the passage in my journal, I couldn't help but notice two small children, no older than five or six, playing a game of hide-and-seek with their grandpa near where I was sitting. As I was writing down a prayer concluding my devotional time, my attention became fixed on this seemingly insignificant game before me.

This simple game painted a perfect picture of my relationship with God and a concept that I had been struggling to grasp and apply to my own faith walk. As a naïve child, I tell my Father to turn around and close His eyes so He doesn't witness my rebellion when I run and hide. Of course, whether I know or like it, God sees everything in His omniscience and doesn't turn away despite my wish that he do so. Nevertheless, He watches my every move like a good Father. I try to hide using my best efforts, yet His goodness follows me wherever I go. I know He will seek and find me. As soon as He does, I raise my hands in surrender and He lifts me up into a loving embrace- just as I watched the grandfather do to his young grandkids in that moment. Gaining temporary pleasure by satisfying my sinful desires is nothing compared to how much joy and satisfaction comes from delighting in His presence! Just as the children smiled and laughed when their "papa" brought them back to himself, so I should be filled with joy and look forward to dwelling with God too.

I often find myself feeling as if I am playing a game of hide-and-seek with God. I want Him to look away as I move in disobedience, but He fiercely seeks me out knowing what's best for me. He knows my every thought, decision, and action before I ever do.

In the period of waiting to be found, I become doubtful- not trusting in His ability to find me again.

I become fearful- afraid of what might happen if I am not found.

I become conflicted- not wanting to give up the satisfaction of my sinful desires for the satisfaction of delighting in the Lord.

Before my worries get the best of me, my Father is standing there welcoming me back into His presence with abundant grace and arms wide open. It is there that I find the joy of living wholeheartedly in awe of His love for me and knowing that He has a purpose for me. It is where I rediscover my identity as a child of God, a daughter of the King. Nothing could ever take that away.

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About the Author: Natalie LeClair

Natalie is a junior at Freedom High School who regularly attends Appleton Alliance Church. After a deeply emotional encounter with God in the summer of 2018, she discovered what it truly means to have an intimate relationship with Christ and how to make it her own. Since then, Natalie has discovered a passion for writing and sharing her own story with the world through her written words.
This was the motivation she needed to start her own blog: Bought with a Price, Created with a Purpose
Although her content is developing, Natalie continues to trust that God will use her words to speak to those who need to hear of His love and saving grace.
After high school, Natalie wishes to pursue a career in either English/Writing or Journalism, although she is still unsure where. In the little spare time she has, Natalie enjoys exploring new places, playing softball, working as a barista at her local coffee shop, and spending time with friends and family.

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