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Encounter 2019


Our AAC Women’s Ministry staff hopes you had a refreshing weekend with your girlfriends at Encounter: A Weekend for Women! Speaker Sharon Jaynes explained that even though we have lies thrown at us daily, through Christ we can capture those thoughts and be reminded of our identity as God’s daughter. We hope you carry this truth with you into the hustle of everyday life. Check out some highlights and comments from Encounter 2019 below.


What was your favorite part about attending Encounter?

“Disconnecting for a weekend. I didn’t realize how much I wanted it until yesterday when I realized I just needed some time to be away, reflect, and actually have time to think.”

“Sister time! It’s always a blessing. It’s so special- we look forward to it because life is busy and to get a whole weekend together is so fun.”  

          -Lindsay Radle and Kelly Berlick

“My favorite thing about Encounter is coming with my friends, having laughs, and just enjoying one another! We don’t get to do that enough.”

          -Dawn Fulcer


What was something God taught you at Encounter?

“One big thing that I couldn’t stop thinking about this weekend was that I might not feel good enough or smart enough to do something, but God is. He’ll provide me with the resources and the wisdom to not be afraid and to take leaps of faith.”

          -Samantha Fisher

“God has really been teaching me to enter into a more intimate relationship with him and rest in the fact that I am a daughter of God. It's been a big theme the last two months, and I’m grateful that God shows up in so many different ways at retreat and in the sermons. Everything gets woven together.”

          -Leah Scheurer

“We have to reject lies when we recognize them, and not stop there, but replace those lies with God's truth.”

          -Heather Van Lieshout


A very special thank you to Bonnie Costello, Cristen Gregorius, the Encounter committee, and the many other volunteers who made this weekend memorable!

*Photos by Anja Gridley

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About the Author: Rebecca Fulcer

After graduating from UW Oshkosh with her literature teaching degree, Becca felt a call to pursue international missions. In January 2017, Becca left the United States and joined the World Race mission and discipleship program where she traveled to eleven countries in eleven months to serve in various ministries.

Upon returning home, Becca heard about Appleton Alliance’s residency program and felt confident it was the next step. She is currently working with the Women’s Ministry department while pursuing her master’s in Theology and hopes to someday work in ministry full-time.

When not doing schoolwork, Becca enjoys traveling, reading, swimming, running, and snuggling with her dogs.

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