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Find Refreshment at Encounter 2021

Find Refreshment At Encounter 2021

Our AAC women’s retreat, Encounter, is coming up quick! This year, Encounter will be February 19th-21st at the beautiful Osthoff resort. It’s going to be a special weekend of deepening our relationship with the Lord, learning from our speaker, Whitney Capps, and growing closer to friends. 

Still on the fence about attending? Don’t quite know what to expect? Curious about how Encounter might look different this year? 

Jamie Boorum and Cristen Gregorius have been working hard in preparation for Encounter and answer some questions below about the weekend.

Q: For someone who has never been to Encounter, what is Encounter? What should someone expect?

Encounter is a weekend to spend worshipping, hearing Biblical truths, listening and learning from amazing speakers, and reflecting on where they feel God is leading them.

*Photo below by Anja Gridley


Q:  Who is the speaker, and what are they going to be talking about?

Whitney Capps is a national speaker for Proverbs 31 Ministries. She describes herself as an ‘ordinary gal in love with an extraordinary God.’ Others describe Whitney as ‘wise beyond her years who works faithfully to make a positive difference in the Kingdom’ (Kelly Greer, Gwinnett Magazine).    

Whitney will be speaking on Finding Refreshment with a Cool Glass of Living Water. This teaching focuses on spiritual dehydration and draws a parallel between the physical fatigue and strain caused by dehydration and our spiritual stamina when we are deprived of Christ’s Living Water.

Q: Will we be able to see Whitney Capps speak in-person? 

We hope so! This is currently our plan, but we cannot make any promises. We are hoping to have our worship sessions live in the ballroom as usual with the addition of masks and social distancing. We will also stream the message into all the suites, so women can watch from there as well. 

Some women have also asked whether we can stream Whitney's message back home. Unfortunately, we cannot stream outside of the Osthoff due to contracts that limit streaming. 

Encounter 2

Q:  What tips would you give someone about what to pack for the weekend?

My advice would be to pack what you feel comfortable in. Some women may come looking for a weekend of relaxation and rejuvenation while others may be looking forward to getting dressed up without the interruptions they have at home. If you want to work-out during the weekend, pack for that. If you want to lounge in your pajamas, you can do that too!

Q:  What have been some of your favorite moments at Encounter in the past?

Being in the same place with other women who love Jesus and are longing for more of God is always invigorating! I personally love taking a weekend out of my busy schedule to fill up and overflow my tank on Jesus!

Q:  The Osthoff provides breakfast Saturday and Sunday as well as dinner Saturday night. Will women have to eat these meals in their rooms? Or can they eat in the banquet hall?

We are still having buffet meals, but they will be served by trained Osthoff staff. The dining hall will be open, so you can sit with roommates or spread out. If you aren't quite comfortable with that, you can also take your meals back to your beautiful suite! 

Encounter Food

Q:  What is the biggest reason someone should attend Encounter this year? 

This year more than ever women are hurting. We all are yearning for connection: connection with other women and connection with God. I don’t think that anyone could come away from this weekend without a renewed spirit. 

For more information or to register for Encounter, click here. We look forward to welcoming you at the Osthoff soon!

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Upon returning home, Becca heard about Appleton Alliance’s residency program and felt confident it was the next step. She is currently working with the Women’s Ministry department while pursuing her master’s in Theology and hopes to someday work in ministry full-time.

When not doing schoolwork, Becca enjoys traveling, reading, swimming, running, and snuggling with her dogs.

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