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Her Lighthouse: A poem for the one who needs support


The depths of her surfacing emotions are oceanic — her current joys tide

in and out

as she gasps for air —

fresh air.


She seeks the sea for a sign of sympathy,

but its life boat is lofty likewise.


Your faulty savior is no match to the Sailor,

but ought not you to give grace in divine reflection?


Who can compare

midst this thin air —

dense error —

billowing a wave to the willow

that weeps.

Break through her darkness;

reel her to safety,

to security, to home,

to peace.

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About the Author: Indigo Sahara

While pursuing a degree in Spanish and journalism from the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, Indigo recognized her intense passion for travel and calling toward media ministry. Upon graduation, she accepted the communications resident position at AAC, confident that it was her next step.
In addition to working at AAC and fulfilling her Master’s in Global Leadership from Crown College, Indigo manages a travel blog and Instagram account (@indigosahara), which she uses as a personal ministry.
When she was 8, she moved across the Atlantic with her parents and two sisters to small-town Stamullen, County Meath, Ireland for two years. Her young immersive experience quickly opened her eyes to diversity and instilled an eternal love for the nations in her heart. Since then, she has lived in three different cultures and traveled to 11 different countries and counting.

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