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Humble Yourself and Fast: God’s Unpleasant Gift for Lancing Pride: Desiring God

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In the Book of Acts, the Church often prays and fasts before making important decisions or sending out disciples. 

So after they had fasted and prayed, they placed their hands on them and sent them off” -Acts 13:3

For the early Church, these were regular practices within their community.  It may then seem odd given their precedent that my first experience with fasting didn’t happen until I was in my early 20s even though I have been connected to the Church my whole life.  

To be honest, I didn’t quite understand the purpose of fasting or what abstaining from food had to do with my spiritual growth.  

Maybe you’re asking similar types of questions.  Perhaps you’ve heard that fasting is something that Christians do, but don’t quite understand why.  Or maybe you’ve never even heard of fasting before.  

In David Mathis’s “Humble Yourself and Fast: God’s Unpleasant Gift for Lancing Pride” from Desiring God, he addresses the link between humility and the practice of fasting.  If you’re interested in learning more about the purpose of fasting and God’s response to a humble heart, click here to read more.  

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About the Author: Rebecca Fulcer

After graduating from UW Oshkosh with her literature teaching degree, Becca felt a call to pursue international missions. In January 2017, Becca left the United States and joined the World Race mission and discipleship program where she traveled to eleven countries in eleven months to serve in various ministries.

Upon returning home, Becca heard about Appleton Alliance’s residency program and felt confident it was the next step. She is currently working with the Women’s Ministry department while pursuing her master’s in Theology and hopes to someday work in ministry full-time.

When not doing schoolwork, Becca enjoys traveling, reading, swimming, running, and snuggling with her dogs.

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