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Living with Power When You Feel Weak

Living With Power

Power is a loaded word that can bring many different thoughts to mind. Maybe you think of a superhero with incredible strength and ability or a huge machine hard at work. Maybe you think of a lightning bolt illuminating the night sky or the simple flip of a switch that eliminates darkness. The word may bring to mind an influential person or makes you think of God. Or perhaps your life feels like a musical, and the 90’s song lyrics “I’ve Got the Power” has been playing in your mind since I mentioned the word.  

Not many of us think of ourselves when we hear the word power. Instead, we feel tired, worn out, and overwhelmed. Our days are filled with cups of coffee and sighs of discontentment as we reach for a feeling of control over our families, jobs, and nation to no avail.  

In a way, it’s as though we have given up and thrown in the towel as the illusion of control plays out in our day to day. Certainly power is not a word that describes us. 

The truth is, as a believer in Jesus Christ, God’s powerful Holy Spirit lives in you. You actually have access to His great power. 

Acts 1:8 says “But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth.”  

Jesus is speaking to his disciples about the coming of the Holy Spirit. Up until the point of Pentecost, the Holy Spirit was not something that was constantly given to a Christ follower. The Holy Spirit would come and then leave again. This new truth that the Holy Spirit would constantly DWELL in each believer was a game changer on all levels. God was about to place His powerful Holy Spirit in His people. No more needing to cast lots or grasp for guidance. The counselor Himself would reside IN us and be readily available to us. That is the reality we get to live in.

“The Gospel is the power of God’s salvation to everyone who believes” (Rom 1:16). The Holy Spirit lives in us and powerfully changes our life. He gives us strength when we are weak (2 Cor. 12:9). That truth should change the way we live and the way we go about life.

God’s power is there, but do we regularly choose to live in His power? Do we pray with conviction over our families, circumstances, and over the nation? Do we really believe that God has the ability to fix the brokenness, not only on the outside but on the inside of our hearts as well? Do we claim truth and really believe it? Or are we quick to buy into the lie that we are powerless?

As followers of Jesus we are more than conquerors through him who loves us (Rom 8:37). Begin to believe God’s truth in every part of who you are, in every interaction you have, and in every prayer you utter. As you begin to see the power of the Holy Spirit working in you, you will grow in faith and trust. Your depth and character will deepen. You will be an unstoppable force for His Kingdom.

Be reminded today that there is power in the name of Jesus. There is life-changing power inside of you because of Him (Eph 3:20). Let’s choose to rely on the power of God in the way we live our lives today.  

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About the Author: Nicki Behnke

Nicki is a wife to a fantastic guy, a Jesus-loving adoptive Mama to three littles, and a real food eating junkie. When she is not busy trying to manage her household, she enjoys a good book, a short run, or a huge bowl of ice cream.

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