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Made with Love

Made With Love

This year marked our first year of homeschooling, and with that came a weight of responsibility that now sat on my shoulders. As you can imagine, it was not sitting lightly. In fact, it was so heavy that it consumed my every waking moment as well as many moments I should have been sleeping. 

I scoured the internet to make sure I would have all the right materials while carefully considering my children’s strengths and weaknesses. I was determined that I would not miss a thing. 

This year, a year that has left the world disheveled and disappointed, was still going to be a year of educational victories for our family. I planned out my days carefully so my children’s moments would be filled with a crescendo of learning that measured up to my own weighty expectations.

And yes, it was as crazy as it sounded.  

Besides the packed schedule and the perfect curriculum, I had read all about the importance of incorporating fun traditions into homeschool. Now this was something that I could tackle. 

We started with breakfast. I told the kids I would happily cook one breakfast a week. It could be anything they wanted and the rest of the week was their responsibility. 

The weekend before we decided to start school, I asked my kids what they would like for their special breakfast. I was certain it would include something lavish and fancy like I had pinned to my Pinterest boards- something fresh-squeezed for sure. But it didn’t.

“Mom, could you make us your chocolate blobs?”

Chocolate blobs are the name my family recently gave to my made with love but failed attempt at pancakes. They come from a box and include a handful of chocolate chips. Since I am a lousy pancake chef, they’re presented as small mountains of cooked batter and gooey chocolate that do not even remotely resemble their cousin, the pancake.  When I first made them, I apologized profusely for the less than edible looking dish. To me, it only looked like failure.  But as my kids dove in, filling their hungry bellies with what l thought were my mistakes, they giggled and laughed and loved. 

Weeks later, when I told them they could have anything they wanted for breakfast, they asked for what I saw as mistakes.

As I dished up their breakfast of choice on the first day of homeschool, I couldn’t help but smile at the lesson God was unveiling before my eyes.  

It was never about my perfect schedule and rock-solid curriculum. It was never about my own weighty plans and expectations. It was never at all about me and my success with homeschooling.

It was about showing up for my kids, with my successes and failures, in love and obedience to tackle the great unknowns of 2020, like homeschooling and life together as a family. 

We are now ten weeks into our homeschooling year, and our chocolate blob tradition has made an appearance every Monday. I confess that I am getting much better at pancakes, but as I occasionally serve up a gooey chocolate mountain of batter, I am reminded of what is the most important ingredient.  

1 Corinthians 16:14 “Do everything in love.”

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About the Author: Mindy Welhouse

Mindy is a wife to her husband, Eric, mom to 4 amazing kiddos and most importantly daughter of the King. She is passionate about encouraging women on their walk with the Lord and willing to be real about all of the lessons she has learned. She believes the journey is not always easy, so it is especially important to do it together. You can learn more about her family of six, as well as the joys and struggles of parenting and special needs parenting on her blog, Victories in the Valley.

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