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Making Difficult Decisions

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It’s not very often that having to make a big decision is easy. Most of the time, it leaves me feeling like a deer caught in headlights with eyes wide open and frozen in time, unable to make a move. As a family, we recently walked through just that.  

As you may have already heard, our family has decided we are giving up everything that is comfortable and familiar to us, packing up, and heading South. We will be moving down to Clarkston, Georgia for the next three years to set up a youth ministry program for the refugee population that lives there. We will be partnering with an organization called Envision Atlanta. Technically, we will be missionaries.

When I first sensed this crazy call, my immediate reaction was no way- no how. Other than the appeal of a snow free winter, having to raise our own salary and move away from family and friends has never been on my bucket list. It felt like too much. God couldn’t possibly want that for our family.  

However, it turns out that He does.  

After almost an entire year of working through the decision making process, lots of prayer and counsel, and even in the midst of a global pandemic, we were able to make one of the biggest decisions of our lives and feel good about it.  

Whenever we are faced with making a decision big or small, we filter it through a series of five points. We find this process to be incredibly helpful and it often brings clarity to the confusion we are feeling in the midst of the decision. 

1.  How would it affect our relationship with God and how does it align with His values and Word?  (Psalm 119:105)

2.  How would this decision affect our list of family values? How will saying YES to this affect each of our family values? Does it make sense for us to do this as a family based on what we value most? (Deuteronomy 6:7) 

3.  What are our trusted relationships saying to us about the decision? Are we seeking wise counsel from trusted people who love the Lord?  (Proverbs 19:20)

4.  What am I sensing during my quiet times alone with God? Am I making prayer a priority and what do I sense He is saying to me about the decision?  (Jeremiah 33:3)

5.  Are my spouse and I unified in our decision?  (Psalm 133:1)

This series of questions has been a helpful tool when grappling with both small and deer-in-the-headlights decisions. As we test each decision in light of these five points, God not only aligns our hearts with His calling, but he often leads us through a process that provides peace and supplies courage. 

To learn more about our family's decision to partner with Envision Atlanta, watch the video below.

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About the Author: Nicki Behnke

Nicki is a wife to a fantastic guy, a Jesus-loving adoptive Mama to three littles, and a real food eating junkie. When she is not busy trying to manage her household, she enjoys a good book, a short run, or a huge bowl of ice cream.

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