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Retirement 2

When you think of your retirement years, what comes to mind? Do you think, “I’ll finally have time to catch-up on those projects around the house I’ve been putting off for years?” Or maybe, “I’ll be able to travel and see places I’ve been dreaming about my whole life?”

All those plans are a worthwhile reward for someone who has worked hard as a wife, mother, and employee, but along with those plans consider Titus 2, which says that older women are to teach the younger women and set an example for them. 

You may think that sounds like work, and it is, but nowhere in Scripture does it say that we are to retire from working for God’s Kingdom.

What then does this mean for women who are in or approaching retirement years? What does working for God look like in this stage of life? 

You have to start with where you are in your own walk with the Lord. You can’t teach someone something you don’t know yourself. You can’t help someone grow in spiritual maturity if you aren’t growing in your own personal spiritual walk. Ask yourself if you’re more Christlike now than a year ago.  Do you love spending time in God’s Word on a daily basis? The answers to these questions will begin to reveal where you are in your walk with the Lord. 

For a woman whose spiritual life is vibrant and growing, there are many opportunities to share yourself and your love of the Lord with others. Here are a few ways to serve and minister to the different generations of people in the Church.

1.  The children of our church are our greatest resource.  The future of the Church rests on how well we disciple and train them. Consider how you can influence these future Church members and leaders. Teach or help in Discovery Land. Volunteer to rock those precious babies in the nursery. Step up to be part of the Awana team that teaches our kids and grandkids the Word of God.

2.  If working with children isn’t exactly in your wheelhouse, think about getting involved in ministry to teens. They are in a crucial formative time of life, and having a spiritual mentor can help make all the difference in whether they grow in their faith. Consider asking the Student Ministries Pastor for students you can pray over. 

3.  Think about young moms — the gals who get little sleep and even less time for themselves. Maybe “adopt” a young mom who doesn’t have any family in the area. Become a surrogate grandparent to her kids. Babysit them so their mom can do the grocery shopping by herself.  Be available to spend time and share the wisdom you have gained from your experiences. AAC has a MOM&me group here where you could offer that encouragement as well. 

These are just a few examples of how women in their retirement years can have an impact for God’s Kingdom. Take time to look around, ask questions, and really see the needs of others. I’m not saying that retirement years are to only be spent in work, (there should be time for doing those fun things and working on long-postponed projects), but make sure there is a balance in life between doing things that matter only here on Earth and doing things that make an eternal difference. It’s only the eternal difference that we make that really matters in the end.

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About the Author: Maryanne Dainsberg

Maryanne has been married to her husband, Dan, for 45 years, and they have served in the ministry for the past 42 years. They have 4 children and 6 grandchildren. Dan is currently the Pastor of Senior Adult Ministry at AAC. Maryanne is involved in teaching in Discovery Land at AAC during the summer months, and also is mentoring high school girls and a young pastor's wife.

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