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When Our Lonely Places Become Sacred Spaces: Proverbs 31

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In an era of Instagram, Facebook, and phones that never leave our sides, I wonder how many of us secretly feel lost rather than connected.

Lonely rather than loved.

Proverbs 31 author Alicia Bruxvoort speaks openly about her feelings of loneliness and what God has taught her through those experiences.

Check out a snippet of “When Our Lonely Places Become Sacred Spaces” below, or read the whole article here.

When Our Lonely Places Become Sacred Spaces by Alicia Bruxvoort

"I wasn’t alone, but I’d never felt lonelier.

Swallowing a lump of tears, I coaxed my lips into an upward turn. Then I willed myself to focus on the friend who sat across from me as she told a laugh-out-loud story about her son’s first date. I giggled at all the right times and hoped she wouldn’t notice the laughter never reached my eyes.

I love this friend. We’ve been sharing unfiltered life for years. We've prayed one another through the throes of potty-training and the woes of driver's education, through the highs and lows of marriage and the peaks and pits of faith.

But on that day in the coffee shop, even the comfortable conversation of a dear friend couldn᾿t cut through the loneliness that shrouded my heart. In fact, the lilt of laughter and the knowing nods merely magnified the ache inside."

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About the Author: Rebecca Fulcer

After graduating from UW Oshkosh with her literature teaching degree, Becca felt a call to pursue international missions. In January 2017, Becca left the United States and joined the World Race mission and discipleship program where she traveled to eleven countries in eleven months to serve in various ministries.

Upon returning home, Becca heard about Appleton Alliance’s residency program and felt confident it was the next step. She is currently working with the Women’s Ministry department while pursuing her master’s in Theology and hopes to someday work in ministry full-time.

When not doing schoolwork, Becca enjoys traveling, reading, swimming, running, and snuggling with her dogs.

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