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Scattering Seeds

Scattering Seeds Final

I have a new found passion.  

I have to admit that it surprised me, but I love gardening.  I love planting new and unique plants, watching them flourish, picking the perfect spot in the garden so that I have a variety of color throughout the season, and even tidying to keep my beds looking clean. I guess I am more my mother’s daughter than I thought. 

But there is one area of my yard that aggravates me and keeps me humble.  It is a section of land overlooking a ravine off the back of our house.  It’s rocky and dangerously steep.  While every other area of my garden boasts beautiful flowers, this area grows burdocks, motherwort, and chokecherries.  Even if you are not a gardener, you can tell these do not sound like prize garden specimens. 

For the past few years, we have been carefully working at reclaiming this area little by little from invasive weeds. It has been quite the process that can occasionally feel as if we are going nowhere. We succeed with new growth in one area only to have what appears to be more weeds growing in another. At times our hard work seems futile, but there is no area of my garden that reminds me more of God’s sovereignty, plans, and purpose.

Mark 4:26-27 says “The kingdom of God is as if a man should scatter seed on the ground, and should sleep by night and rise by day, and the seed should sprout and grow, and he himself does not know how.”

In other areas of my garden, I can foolishly begin to think that I had something to do with the growth.  Not only did I plant the plant, but I watered it and provided the right fertilizer to ensure that it would flower to the best of its ability.  I sprayed to keep slugs and other pests away. I pruned the plant to make sure that it not only survived, but it thrived.  

But on our steep and rocky slope, the only thing I can do is scatter seeds. Scatter without knowing where a single seed will fall, without knowing if a single seed will take. I scatter, and the rest is up to God.

When we know the life changing blessing of God’s redeeming grace, our heart aches for those around us who are missing out on all of God’s sweet goodness.  I myself have been so overwhelmed with desire for someone to know the love of God that not only did I attempt to plant the seed, but I also tried to make it grow.  I had a lot of ideas of exactly what people needed for growth and what they should be protected from.  But in Mark it is clear.  We scatter.  Some grow. We marvel.

So what seeds are the best ones to scatter?  

Let’s start first with the seeds God has sown within you. 

Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness and Self-Control

What better way to scatter seeds than by sharing the sweet fruits God has blessed you with!  

This year, nearly three years after we began scatter seeds on our slope, we finally began to see the fruit, or in this case flowers, of our labor.  A variety of purple phlox began to claim parts of the hillside in the early months of June, and coral poppies bloomed in July.  It is nowhere near what we consider finished, but the growth we see is wonderful.  

When you go about the world scattering seeds of God’s goodness,  you will see the new shoots of growth from the hearts of others as well.

Be sure to marvel at all He has done.

And be joyful- you too may acquire a passion for gardening. 

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Humble Yourself and Fast: God’s Unpleasant Gift for Lancing Pride: Desiring God

To be honest, I didn’t quite understand the purpose of fasting or what abstaining from food had to do with my spiritual growth.

Maybe you’re asking similar types of questions. Perhaps you’ve heard that fasting is something that Christians do, but don’t quite understand why. Or maybe you’ve never even heard of fasting before.


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It feels like we’re moving from one season of fear and chaos to another without missing a beat.

Sin has been the main character on my TV lately. Over the last few months, it’s appeared in various forms like murder, assault, racism, violence, anarchy, arrogance, hatred, fear, selfishness, idolatry, greed, pride, slander, foolishness and the distortion of truth.

It can be difficult to know how to navigate the noise right now. The pressure to pick a side along a growing divide feels overwhelming and inescapable. It’s easy to get caught up in the screaming match or jump on whatever bandwagon happens to be driving by.


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Normally that’s not a remarkable announcement. But these aren’t normal times, are they?

People—I went to Starbucks!!!! You know, that happy place where they toss strawberries in your Pink Drink and tell you to have a nice day. Where cake pops are shaped like unicorns and for some mysterious reason all the fiscally responsible woman of the world gladly slap down five whole dollars for a cup of jolly joy.


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Our prayers move the heart of God.

Did you know that?

Sometimes those prayers come out of a difficult season. Some of those prayers are born out of poor decisions we have made, out of trials we are suffering, or out of circumstances within or around us. Some prayers end up blooming out of important lessons; prayers that help train us and build faith that could not be built quite the same under other circumstances.


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